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Writing and career counseling go hand in hand for me since both take active listening, creative thinking, and my full presence. I've always put words on paper in my coaching practice: designing workshops, editing LinkedIn profiles and resumes, blogging at

So you're on the right webpage if you’re looking to improve your work life. Want to get ready for that performance review? Seeking a big move within your organization? Yearn to pivot to a new company, or new industry? Whatever your path, I can help you:

* Figure out what you want

* Craft your story

* Document your achievements

* Build relationships 

* Prep for interviews

* Weigh your options

And handle every turn and twist in between. 

My clients land jobs. Get promoted. Excel in their current roles. As a bonus, they gain tools to manage their next move, too.

I conduct most appointments by phone. I live in NYC, and my clients are based throughout the US. 

My services are 100% human (it bears saying). At CCS, you'll never interact with a bot.

For my credentials, see

If you’re curious to know more, request a free 15-minute consultation. Just fill in the form below, telling me briefly why you're interested in career counseling. Then click Send. It may lead to your best work yet. -Haig

CCS Career Counselor Haig Chahinian

CCS Career Counselor Haig Chahinian

Request a free 15-minute consultation. I'll reply ASAP.